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Advertise on Healthy Grocery Girl

Working with Healthy Grocery Girl® you reach an engaged, enthusiastic and loyal audience. As a go-to for trusted health and nutrition information, recipes, and product ideas has a combined online market reach of 75,ooo per month and growing! We work with brands, organizations and boards for ambassador, spokesperson, sponsored blog / video or social posts and video production projects. Interested partners, please contact us. One of our team members will reply within 10 business days and provide you with our Healthy Grocery Girl’s Partnership Menu and Media Kit which includes more information on the partnership services Healthy Grocery Girl provides, market reach and rates. 

Sponsorship Partnership 

Would you like to partner wit Healthy Grocery Girl for a sponsored video or blog post? We’d love to talk! Contact Us Here  

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  • 70,000 Monthly Views
  • 761,495 Total Views

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By advertising on you will connect with a world-wide audience of individuals passionate about health, healthy eating and living a healthy lifestyle. Your sponsorship ad will drive awareness to your brand, may increase sales and build consumer trust. Your company logo or ad image will be featured on the right hand side bar of the Healthy Grocery Girl® blog. Interested sponsors, please contact us by completing our Sponsorship Application Form

Ambassador / Spokesperson

To work with Megan Roosevelt, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist as an ambassador or spokesperson for your company please contact us to begin the discussion!

Brand Messaging and Niche: Healthy Lifestyle, Organic, Natural, Non-GMO, Plant-Based, Vegan, Fresh, Wholesome, Healthy Convenience

Brand Partnership Categories: Food, Beverage, Kitchen & Cooking Equipment, Beauty, Travel, Apparel, And Healthy Lifestyle

Disclaimer: We only work with brands that are a genuine, natural fit for our community, products have been tested and approved by Megan, and is a product the HGG team is genuinely excited about.