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Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats

Spookily-loo it’s almost Halloween! It’s that pivotal time of year where many people start to see the door of holiday indulgence creep open. One bite size candy bar turns into 17 and many wrappers on the floor later, we are vowing to not eat another piece of dessert until thanksgiving. Then tomorrow comes, and leftover Halloween candy is staring you down, taunting you really, for just one more taste. No wonder Halloween is so scary!

Stand tall, strong and armed with some healthier Halloween snacking! Good news for you, I am not the food police. Many may think that it is a mandatory part time job of a Registered Dietitian to stroll the streets on Halloween, giving out dirty looks to children as they fight over chocolatey nougat delight, and to adults who know that they in fact, are the ones who end up consuming the majority of the loot brought home by the kiddos.

So my advice? Enjoy the holidays, enjoy chocolate, just enjoy it in the healthiest way you can, and as always, try and have some moderation. OK, now on to the good stuff.

Here is a list of 6 healthier Halloween Grocery treats you can pass out to trick-or-treaters or dish out  at your own party.



Megan Roosevelt

Megan Roosevelt is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Host, Video Producer as well as the founder and CEO of Healthy Grocery Girl®

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