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Healthy Music Video Parody

Healthy Music Video Parody

Happy Thursday! Today’s video is unlike any other video I have shared with you before…. and I hope that you love it!

Over the past few years I have fallen in love with film making and I am always interested in pushing my skills and creative capacity. Six months ago I had the desire to produce something really elaborate, comedic and fun! Then I heard the song “Classic” by MKTO on the radio and it was such an upbeat fun song. Suddenly, all of these images and ideas flooded my mind for how to make a music video parody to this song, with a Healthy Grocery Girl spin!

Many hours of planning, recording, filming and editing has gone into today’s premiere of the very first Healthy Grocery Girl music video parody! I also want to say “Thank You!” to everyone who helped make this video come together! It was definitely a team effort!

So without further adieu I present to you… “Healthy by HGG” a parody to the song “Classic by MKTO”.

Click Here To Watch and Listen To The Original “Classic” Video by MKTO 

Behind The Scenes

Audio Recording Day

Below are behind the scene photos from the making of this video! I am working on putting together a behind the scenes video to share next!

One of the first steps we took to get production rolling on this video was to spend some time in a professional recording studio and record the parody lyrics (that Aaron and I wrote) to our instrumental track. We purchased the licensing rights to a karaoke version of the real song. Alex, who is actually a Nutrition Plan Member turned into good friend, has a beautiful voice and she sang the main lyrics! I was very excited to exercise my rap “skills” for the hip hop portion!

Here are some pictures from behind the scenes in the studio… 









Filming At Whole Foods Market Day

First of all, a huge thank you to Whole Foods Market for letting us film in their store! I love Whole Foods Market! 

Secondly, a big thank you to my friend Tyler, owner of Nsite Pictures… the guy behind the camera for this video! He has taught me so much about film, editing and is so generous with his time and expertise! I definitely recommend checking out his work! Also a big thank you to his friend Aaron who helped us all day with filming!


 This is a funny and classic candid shot… I am directing and Aaron is questioning the amount of Olive Olive left in the bottle… 


How many men does it take to create the perfect lighting for another man? The world may never know. My friend Abe (husband to Amber) is such a ham! He really was a perfect fit to participate in this production with us!


Okay Aaron… now your turn!

A bouquet of dark leafy greens? Every girl’s dream!


Aaron and I filming the “Shopping With You Is My New Favorite Time” scene… everyone grocery shops with their significant other this way… right?! 


Walking, shopping, filming… 


Waking up at 4am is never easy… but when it’s waking up to pursue your passions and projects it does make it a lot easier! 


This guy! Aaron’s unconditional support, love and willingness to help with all things Healthy Grocery Girl blows me away. Thank you Aaron for all your help pulling off this fun crazy video!


Watch out… you never know when an urban hipster with a guitar will pop up behind a bin of bulk nuts ready to serenade you… Organic style!


 The men folk filming one of their opening scenes…. 


Because sometimes shopping for veggie patties in the frozen section of the grocery store gets chilly… Abe, you are such a gentlemen to “show up” with a scarf! 



Filming the Hip Hop Scene In Portland Day

Rap scene downtown portland! What you can’t see from this picture is that it was 34 degrees that morning and very chilly! I could barely feel any part of my body. However, we had to get the shots! I am so thankful we didn’t give up because the rap scene in the video is one of my favorite parts! However… it was… not… a… warm… day… 


What some of you may not know about this veggie loving Registered Dietitian… however will soon find out after watching today’s parody video, is that I love to rap and dance! Yes that is actually me rapping in the video! Everyone… please meet, Balsamic Beets! My only question for you is… “Got Beets?” 



That’s A Wrap!

A group photo after we wrapped!! Pictured: Amber, Abe and their adorable son James-Thomas, Alex and Michael, Tyler, Megan (me) and my husband Aaron! Not pictured in this photo, however I want to say thank you to you for your help in this production as well includes: Kathy (my mom), Aaron (assistant to the director of photography), Patrick Champagne (music mixing).  Also a big thank you to YOU! Yes YOU!! Thank you for watching this video, reading this blog and sharing in the passion and love for a healthy lifestyle and having a sense of humor about it all! Love you all so much! xo Megan



Instrumental License From Karaoke Version / 



Megan Roosevelt

Megan Roosevelt is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Host, Video Producer as well as the founder and CEO of Healthy Grocery Girl®

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