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Homemade Kombucha Part B

Homemade Kombucha Part B

It is a beautiful sunny spring Saturday here in Portland, Oregon!

I started my morning exploring a new trail, oh boy do I love the outdoors! Jogging on a muddy trail with the sun gleaming through clusters of tall whimsical mossy trees and a babbling creek beneath the bridge! Fantastic!

After the trail adventure I decided to give my homemade Kombucha a little tender loving care because….IT’s READY! Catch up by reading Homemade Kombucha Part A.

My homemade Kombucha started as an “original” or “plain” flavor. By plain I mean it’s made from just simple green tea as the base. It turned out great! Yum.

However, I wanted to play with fun flavors like you buy in the grocery store, so I bought 100% pure natural juices. Purple Carrot and Beet Juice as well as Black Cherry. My ratio is 25% juice to 75% Kombucha.  Oh Yum.

Up Next… One of my favorite flavors of Kombucha… Super Greens!!

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