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Reply To: Happy New Year!


Thanks, Katie! Let me know if you discover any helpful tips once you get started!

Hey, Megan! Forks Over Knives did play a big role in my decision to go vegan. I know I’ve told you this before, but your website has been extremely helpful as well. I was actually vegan once before, but during that time my health declined significantly. That led me to believe that although a vegan lifestyle is a kinder way to live, it just didn’t seem realistic or healthy. Now I understand that the problem was really all the processed food I was eating. I was eating vegan hotdogs, processed veggie burgers, pretzels, etc. Since learning from you, documentaries, and plant-based cookbooks like Veganomicon and the Forks Over Knives cookbook, I’ve had so many health benefits. This process has truly been an invaluable experience!