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Reply To: Trying something new!!!


Great goals!! I have worked with a lot of families for in-person nutrition coaching & one of the biggest tips or takeaways I’ve found to be helpful especially at mealtimes is to create “buffet” style meals so everyone can tweak the recipe to their liking. This may not work all of the time but for some meals it works great such as: tacos, taco salad, pizza, overnight oats. You can even make a big pot of vegan chili and then there can be vegan toppings (such as avocado) and non-vegan toppings (such as cheese) & each family member can choose what they prefer! It’s a great way to make plant-based meals that can easily be adapted so everyone is happy! Let me know if you have any questions or would love some more ideas, suggestions! xx Megan, Registered Dietitian | HGG Founder