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Reply To: I'm Excited To Get Started!


Hey Becky! I do know about Goodreads from when my book (Superfoods For Life, Coconut) was published! I haven’t really spent much time on their since though! I love the idea that they give you suggestions based on what you like! I use to live in Oregon and although I’m pretty sure it never got as cold Maine we would have a lot of rainy evenings that got dark around 4pm! Definitely made it difficult! My mom and I would often meet right after work and just bundle up and go for a walk! Once we got started it was easier to keep going and having a buddy helps! Of course if it’s SUPER cold then I we would do some free-weight or stretching or yoga inside! Just feels good to move a bit each day! We should start posting in the forums here what we did each day for physical activity! Would be fun and help keep up both acceptable! Let me know if you’re up for that! – M