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Reply To: Hello All,


Hi Katie!!

WELCOME!!!! 😀 So excited to have you join us!!!

I get excited for Fridays-eve as well when I can share new videos with you guys!! Means so much that you watch!! xx

I totally understand everything you wrote! Going 80 / 20 plant-based is totally realistic and a great healthy approach! I find that some people have the “All or Nothing” mentality and don’t even try eating more plant-based because they think it means that they would have to be vegan forever and that sounds too scary or completed! That’s why I love plant-based because it means our diet is BASED in plants! Not necessarily 100%… that’s a personal choice!! 🙂 Anyways… I could go on and on but just wanted to say I totally support you and love that you’re committed to eating more plants!! 🙂

Before I started HGG I worked many office jobs where I was surrounded by people who didn’t share the same enthusiasm for nutrition ha!! I always found that the best way to handle those type of situations are just to keep being me, making healthy food I enjoyed and not judging others if there choices were not so healthy. People start to come around when your meals look really fresh and tasty and you have a great attitude and energy towards healthy living!! Just gotta be you and do your thing in a positive way!!

Once again welcome to HGG and let me know if you have any questions!! Always here to help and chat!! xx Megan