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Coconut oil and coconut milk

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      Jennifer Pizzuti

      Hello – I have a question about the canned coconut milk you list in the recipe for the Tomato White Bean Soup. Can you explain further which one to buy?
      I made the oat/carrot/date breakfast “cookies” last week and first of all they were DELICIOUS, but I was wondering if it would mix up a little better if the coconut oil was melted first? Not always sure if the coconut oil should be liquified or not.
      Thank you!!

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      Hi Jennifer! Where do you typically grocery shop? I look for Organic Canned Coconut Milk and choose the regular (not light) canned coconut milk. You can find it in the ethnic / international grocery aisle. Here are some brands I buy!

      Whole Foods 365
      Thai Kitchen
      So Delicious
      Trader Joes

      For the breakfast cookies, you can definitely liquify the coconut oil. I live in southern California which is typically pretty warm and so my coconut oil is also room temp and pretty much liquid 🙂

      Hope that helps!! – M

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      Jennifer Pizzuti

      Thank you! I live in Portland and I typically shop at New Seasons and Fred Meyer with the occasional Trader Joe’s trip. I did wind up getting the coconut milk at Trader Joe’s. 🙂

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        Hey Jennifer! New Seasons, Fred Meyers, Trader Joe’s.. all great place to shop! Glad you found a coconut milk at TJ’s! 🙂

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