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Fish Oil Supplements

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      Laura RogersLaura Rogers

      I recently listened to your supplements podcast. I don’t eat fish and never have. For that reason, I have incorporated fish oil supplements into my diet. I didn’t hear you mention anything about fish oil. Do you recommend fish oil supplements?

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      Megan RooseveltMegan Roosevelt

      Hi Laura! Great question. With Fish Oil supplements you want to be careful about mercury which is common in fatty fish (fat cells are storage cells), this is especially true when it comes to a fish oil supplement that you’ll consume everyday. One of the main reasons for taking a Fish Oil supplement is for the Omega 3 fatty acids which are good for brain and heart health. We can consume omega 3s from plant-based options such as such as flaxseeds or flaxseed oil, mixed greens and walnuts! It’s a personal choice to consume your omega 3s from a fish oil supplement, plant-based omega 3 supplement, whole foods or a combo! I always recommend increasing your omega 3 intake from whole foods first 🙂 If you do choose a fish oil supplement, look for a brand that tests for mercury and is mercury free! Of course there is a lot more we could talk about on this topic and if you (or anyone reading this) are pregnant, plan to become pregnant or are breast feeding your nutrition needs with be different. Please let me know if you any have follow up questions to what I’ve written! I’m happy to continue this discussion to thoroughly answer your question 🙂 Kindly, Megan | RD + HGG Founder

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      Hi Laura,

      I can see that your post is over a month old, so you may have found a fish oil or fish oil alternative that works for you, but I wanted to recommend Be Bright Oil Blend. It is an organic vegan oil supplement and can be purchased at most health food stores and vitamin/supplement stores. I tend to get a lot of hangnails, cracked cuticles, and dry hair when I don’t take an Omega-3 supplement, and my Be Bright has cleared that up.

      Some of the downsides to Be Bright: It also has Omega 6 and 9 which most people don’t need. It does has a little sugar (3 grams per serving) added to it for flavor. It makes it taste delicious, but some people might be put off by that.

      I hope this information is helpful for you. Have a great day, and happy holidays!

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      Hey WorkingMom213!! The Be Bright Oil Blend looks like a good recommendation!! Definitely going to check it out more 🙂 Thanks for recommending!! Always fun to discover & learn new healthy options. I hope you have a great day and happy Holidays as well!!

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