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Healthy and staying that way!!

Healthy Grocery Girl Healthy Grocery Girl Forums Introduce Yourself Healthy and staying that way!!

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      Hello! I am here because after I turned 40, I made a promise to myself to maintain my health and I have committed to NEVER take any prescription drugs to maintain or sustain my life! I choose well care and not sick care which unfortunately is what most of our healthcare professionals provide. It is my belief that we don’t have to resign ourselves to the fact that aging is synonymous with ailments and sickness. The answer to a great deal of our health problems is not at the bottom of a pill bottle but rather, on the end of our forks!
      I look forward to continuing on this path and getting new ideas and information from your community!

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      Megan RooseveltMegan Roosevelt

      Hey Tammi! I love your comment about “well care” and not “sick care”! It’s so true! Welcome to the HGG Community! Please let me know if you have any questions as you explore and enjoy the member site! – Megan Roosevelt, RD

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Viewing 2 reply threads
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