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Hello All

Hello All

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    Hi Robyn! Welcome to HGG! So happy to have you apart of the HGG Member’s Community now!! Congrats on the birth of your baby girl!!

    I’m sure you already know that it’s best to to not cut calories when breastfeeding however focusing on eating more real, whole foods is a great step in the right direction!! I’ve heard from a lot of HGG member’s and our coaching clients find that by eating more real, whole, plant-based foods they were able to lose weight and they didn’t diet or deprive themselves. Every person’s body is different, but I hope this is encouraging to you!! xx

    Which documentaries did you watch or love most? I’ve seen quite a few too!! Forks Over Knives and Food Inc. were two that opened my eyes to eating more real, plant-based foods!

    If you have any questions about nutrition, health or the HGG Membership please don’t hesitate to ask me here in the forums or email! That’s what I’m here for! xx Megan

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      Hi Megan,

      Loved both of those documentaries AND I found Vegucated to have some good info and just started watching Cowspiracy as well. I never knew how much water it takes to raise cattle! 2500 gallons for one pound of beef! YIKES!

      Do you recommend that we start with the 7 day clean start program or phase 1?

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      Hi Robyn!

      The 7 Day Clean Start is one of our most popular programs so that may be a good one to start with! It includes a one week meal plan, recipes and grocery list and is not based on calories so you can really eat as much as you want / need since you are breastfeeding!

      The 90-day plant-based program is also great & is broken into 3 phases (months). It provides more of a guide for reading or listening to the HGG Nutrition Plan Chapters and slowly transitioning into a plant-based diet over 90 days & also includes meal plans and recipes 🙂

      It just depends on what sounds best for you! However if you’re wanting some ideas for healthy filling meals fast, I’d go with the 7-Day Clean Start!!

      xx Megan

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