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Hi everyone!

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      Hey! My name is Casey Cook and I live in Lansdale, Pennsylvania (north of Philly – and being demolished by 2 feet of snow.) I started losing weight two years ago by one of those shake “diets” – not only was it expensive but I was always starving! I’ve also done Weight Watchers and LCHF within that time, too. I officially went vegan Oct 1st 2015 and I’ve lost 20 pounds since going Vegan. When i started losing weight I was 312 pounds. I’m 100 pounds lighter and have around thirty pounds to go. I’m still trying to figure out what works for me – I don’t think I’m eating enough – and I’m having some “TMI” issues in the hormone department. I have always loved Megan and her videos have helped me go vegan. Anyway, not sure what else I should say but if anyone has advice or questions/comments please feel free! I’ve sorta lost some friends going vegan too soo this should help..? (hopefully 😉 )


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      Hi Casey! Welcome to HGG! First of all congratulations on your health changes and losing 100 pounds!! As far as friends go, you’ve definitely found a friend with me and I’m sure you’ll connect with many more HGG members who are all supportive of a plant-based and vegan diet! Also I definitely can relate to hormone issues. I struggled with them myself for quite some time so if you have any questions you’d like to ask me I’m happy to discuss it and answer what I can! As an Registered Dietitian, I have yet to have a health conversation that felt like TMI… trust me ha 😉 You gotta go there to get to the root of the issues so they can be solved! Anyways, just know I’m here to chat and answer your questions 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xx Megan

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      Im new to a vegan diet as well!! i agree that I’m having a hard time eating enough because we’ve always been told that carbs are bad and no carbs in the afternoon type deal..its a mind set that has been hard to get rid of……i’m still trying to eat better so that I’m not starving later in the day..its definitely been a challenge!!..but I’ve already seen the rewards of eating a plant based diet! i no longer have high cholesterol and hope to finally be off HBP medication…family/friends/co-workers all have there opinions about a vegan and my dad get into it over needing chicken/meat/etc for protein lol…co-workers crack jokes etc..but that isn’t going to stop me from making positive changes in my life!!..

      erika 🙂

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      Hey GoingVeggy! That’s fantastic that you no longer have high cholesterol and are hoping to be off HBP medication soon as well! Real food is so wonderful for healing and helping our body function it’s best naturally! I can definitely relate to all the comments, opinions etc about choosing a plant-based dietary lifestyle. It’s sad that eating mostly real, whole foods is not the norm! Sometimes I recommend people watch Forks Over Knives or Food Inc. as great documentaries providing insight into our food system and how food affects our body. Usually once people watch those they really start to get it! 🙂 The truth is, you can live a healthy life on a vegan or vegetarian diet when done correctly which of course you know! 🙂 I’m always here to chat or if you have any questions!! 🙂 xx Megan

Viewing 3 reply threads
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