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How to find and use cool Instagram fonts for your bio and posts

Healthy Grocery Girl Healthy Grocery Girl Forums Introduce Yourself How to find and use cool Instagram fonts for your bio and posts

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      When it comes to social media platforms, Instagram leads the pack in terms of creativity. From pop culture GIFs to collage grids, the artistic possibilities are practically endless. So it should come as no surprise that creativity has spread to even the most basic feature of the app: your bio.

      Recently, some users have discovered how to get fancy fonts on your Instagram bio. While you’re limited in terms of space — at the time of this writing, Instagram allows up to 150 characters in a bio — new hacks and third-party apps have made being stuck with default fonts a thing of the past.

      Interested in learning how to change the font style on Instagram? Read on to learn everything you need to know about IG fonts.

      What are the default Insta fonts?
      Unless you’ve made a change to your Instagram bio, it will appear in Instagram’s default font, Neue Helvetica. This font is used for the majority of text within the app, such as captions and comments. However, if you’re an Andriod user, you’ll see your bio in Systems Roboto instead of Neue Helvetica. Headlines and other larger lines of text are in the font Freight Sans.

      The only feature that allows you to change your font within the Instagram app itself is Stories. There, you can choose between these nine fonts:

      Comic Sans
      Sans Serif
      The 6 best Instagram font generators
      To have a unique font in your bio, you first have to download a font generator. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our favorite easy-to-use, mobile-friendly tools to help you get cool fonts for Instagram.

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