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How To Make A Complaint Against A Bookmaker

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      If you have a complaint against a licenced UK betting site, bookmaker or casino the first thing to do is to approach them. Part of their licence agreement means they must to everything that can reasonably be expected to resolve a customer complaint using internal procedures. Most customer complaints do not escalate beyond this. The table in this section gives information on how to make a complain to UK bookmakers listed on

      Should you not be able to resolve a complaint then you can approach The Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS) or in some cases the Advertising Standards Agency and the Gambling Commission.

      IBAS is an impartial adjudicator for disputes between punters and gambling operators. This article gives information on how to use IBAS and other services as well as examples of common complaints and their likely outcomes.

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      Have you checked their license before starting activity on the site? I always do it. Many site are far from being transparent and legitimate. I am using now online bookmakers australia. They more or less match what they promise on their pages . I have tested these sites not once, you can use them without hesitations.

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