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      Hi, Megan! I am really loving this transition to a plant-based diet! You’ve done an excellent job explaining how and why a plant-based lifestyle is so beneficial to me. Your teachings have gotten me excited about the changes I’ve made, and I’ve started reading plant-based cookbooks. My family has tried so many new recipes, and enjoyed all of them so far! I intended to transition more gradually, but eating this way is so much better in so many ways. I don’t get heartburn anymore, my clothes fit better, and I have so much more energy just to name a few things. Thanks so much for what you do!

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      Oh my goodness THANK YOU for sharing this!! I LOVE to hear how you are doing and your wonderful progress!! How amazing that you’re energy has improved, clothes fit better and no more heart burn!! I am so happy for you!! Looking forward to staying connected and hearing how things continue to go!! xx Megan

Viewing 1 reply thread
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