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Seasonal Meal Plans

Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer… we have a 7-Day Meal Plan for every season! Complete with a Grocery Shopping list, these plans are the perfect way to enjoy seasonal produce and simplify meal time. Recipes are gluten-free, dairy-free and family friendly!

The Plant-Based Guide To Calcium

The Plant-Based Guide To Calcium is one of many HGG Nutrition Video Courses! In this program you’ll learn how to create a calcium-rich, plant-based diet. Enjoy a mix of nutrition education and recipe videos, a printable PDF guide and a calcium-rich plant-based meal plan! 

7 Day Clean Start Meal Plan

Oof… too many sweets and treats? We’ve all been there! Don’t start a crazy cleanse or deprivation diet. Instead, nourish your body with real, whole foods with our 7 Day Clean Start Program! This meal plan is designed to support digestive health, boost energy levels and help you feel refreshed!

Seed Cycling Guide

Ladies… do you struggle with irregular or painful periods, acne, PMS or symptoms of menopause? It could be a sign of a hormone imbalance! Seed cycling is a natural approach to support and balance hormones. Login to your Premium HGG Membership to download HGG’s Seed Cycling Guide today!

Postpartum Nutrition Plan

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and mom I have combined my expertise and my empathy for moms and the postnatal journey to create the HGG Postpartum Nutrition Plan. This plan includes nutrition tips to nourish your body after birth, support milk production and sustain energy levels with 20 plant-focused, gluten-free recipes and 10 speedy snacks you can eat with one hand! 

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Join Healthy Grocery Girl Online!

Your Guide & Community to Nourish, Move, & Love Your Body & Life!


Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Get When I Join?

HGG Member’s have exclusive access to a variety of meal plans, nutrition programs, healthy eating, cooking + wellness video courses, workout videos, cooking + shopping guides, a private and a member’s group for daily inspiration, support & tips. We offer new content every month! Once you login you’ll immediately have access to explore an immense amount of content to help you nourish, move & love your body & life! Bonus our team of Registered Dietitians, Fitness Professionals & Health Experts are here to answer your questions & help your achieve your health goals! This is a community & membership like no other… see what our member’s are saying!

What Is HGG’s Nutrition Philosophy?

We encourage the consumption of real, whole foods that are mostly plant-based. However, nutrition is not one-size-fits all! Our recipes & meal plans are great for all dietary lifestyles from gluten-free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or somewhere in between! We are a non-judgement community & we encourage individuals to make their own dietary rules that work for them! Bonus: If you need help adjusting a meal plan or a recipe to meet your dietary needs, our team of Registered Dietitians & Health Experts are here to help you!

What Type Of Workout Videos Do You Offer & What Level?

Our workout videos are hosted by professionals so you are in good hands! We offer yoga & pilates videos around 15 minutes in length. With workouts available for both beginner or moderate skill level!

Is This a Weight-Loss Program?

Our programs & guides are designed to help you nourish with healthy, wholesome foods and move your body! Because every body is different we do not guarantee weight loss for everyone. However, many of our members do find that they lose or maintain a healthy weight by following our meal plans & fitness videos. Members also report increased energy, saving time with meal prep, saving money when grocery shopping, reduced stress & overall a happier mind-body connection!

Do You Provide Calorie Information?

We do not provide calorie information to encourage a diet-free lifestyle. However, our team of Dietitians & health experts are here to help you! Please connect with us & would be delighted to do our best to answer your nutrition or health questions.

I Do Not Live in the US, Can I Still Benefit From This Membership?

Yes! Our content is centered around everyday real, whole foods. All recipes and meal plans are flexible & easy to adjust to meet your dietary preferences and seasonal availability. Bonus our team of experts are here for you to answer any questions you have & help you make dietary swaps!

Do I Receive a Hard-Copy of Anything?

Nope! Our membership provides digital content that you can stream anywhere & at anytime. The majority of our content such as meal plans & guides you can personally download & print.

Do You Offer Refunds?

Because our membership is digital and we provide an immense about of downloadable content & to protect the privacy of our members, we do not offer refunds. However, you are welcome to cancel your membership anytime.

Can I Share My Membership?

We provide an immense amount of content at an affordable price so that it’s easy for everyone to enjoy! Please do not share membership materials with non-members, which would be considered stealing.

I Have a Question Before I Sign Up, How Do I Contact You?

Please e-mail us at